The site area for the project takes place on two different levels on an abandoned soccer playground and  an higher square. The building is positioned parallel to the main street in front so to align with the context grid of the city and along the north side to avoid shading on the site.

Since the two levels of the sites belong to two different grids, the volume rotates from a direction to another, to merge with the ground creating a urban connection and a continuation of the park.

In this way the building creates a basement where are placed a parking area for the cars, a conference area and a restaurant and a vertical block for t
he offices.

The contours are in different heights in order to have spaces in the upper part and to permit the realization of an exterior steps I the lower part.

The façade is pushed inwards creating an articulated “zig-zag” surface for the balconies on the south side and to have no south oriented glass façade to obtain a controlled indirect illumination for the interior spaces of the offices.

On the south-side are placed the small office rooms for few employees while on the north-side, since it is cooler, are placed the meeting rooms for more people.

From a geometric point of view the building is treated with contrast colors for the vertical and the horizontal surfaces to create a different perception from different points of view.

The geometry varies parametrically to accommodate different functions and its colors makes it look as a gradient from the top to the bottom creating a unique “gradient-design” made up of pixels.

The building rotates itself and merges with the park creating suitable interior and exterior spaces at the same time with a single move.


Project Architect: Paolo Venturella
Team Design: Cosimo Scotucci, Gradient Solutions, AH
Type: Concept
Site area: 8.200 m²
Size: 13.500 m²
Number of Floors: 12
Building height: 42 meters
Year: 2014