Global Cooling Skyscraper

Our planet is going through the irreversible process of global warming, and even if various strategies have been planned to solve the problem, none of them provided a solution.

This is causing natural disasters all over the planet. The temperature all around the planet is increasing making the ice in the pole melt.

Only a “global strategy” can be adopted.

To cool down the temperature a huge greenhouse is placed in between the sun and us.

This works according the same principle of the “solar tower”. Thanks to the accumulation of heat in the glazed structure, air flows naturally from hot to cold generating rapid and strong flows. These flows bring hot air far from the Earth cooling down the temperature of the whole globe.

The air flows restore better climate conditions and moreover generate renewable energies by wind turbines placed inside the structures.

The structure act either on climate conditions and on energy production.

Furthermore this structure creates an amazing and surprising effect. Since it has to solve a problem for the entire planet, its dimension is over scaled.  It has to be a unique and continuous structure, placed in a single point, and cantilever on both sides. It results as a tangent object on the planet.

It touches the ground in a unique point, and for this reason it is perceived in different ways from different parts of the world.

On the Equator it looks an horizontal element while from the poles it looks a vertical one.

The impressive structure allow to solve a critical question and works maintaining perfect climate conditions and providing clean energy for all.



Project Architect: Paolo Venturella
Team Design: Cosimo Scotucci
Location: Earth
Year: 2016
Type: Competition



Global Cooling Skyscraper 04 - 2000

Global Cooling Skyscraper 01 - 2000 Global Cooling Skyscraper 02 - 2000 Global Cooling Skyscraper 03 - 2000
Global Cooling Skyscraper 05 - 2000
Global Cooling Skyscraper 06 - Diagram 2 - 2000 Global Cooling Skyscraper 07 - Outer Space - 2000